Sunday, February 10, 2013

Face it.  Losing weight is hard.  If it was easy & took little to no effort, we would all be slim and trim and not wasting money on program after program or pill after pill or whatever we think the magic might be this time.  We prefer to ignore it, trying to push it into the darkest corners in the back of our mind and avoid full length mirrors at all costs!  The reality is that we KNOW we need to lose the weight as well as does every person we come into contact with daily.  The secret is now exposed!!!!! Ok, so we know we need to lose weight but is it really worth all that time and effort?
Here is the stone cold truth answer I have come to realize as reality:  If we don't lose that excess body FAT we might as well go ahead and start preparing for which food related disease is going to get us first....might be metabolic X syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or worse, cancer.  Obesity is at an all time high in America.  Hundreds of thousands of people are listed as obese and a lot of them are morbidly obese.  That means they will die from an issue that revolves around their weight!!!!  Yes, something we can control on own by controlling our food and we prefer to waste money on all the things that have not worked and will never work!
Let me make this statement:  WATER IS THE MAGIC and FOOD REALLY DOES MATTER and there are NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS THAT ENHANCE & ACCELERATE WEIGHT LOSS!  That is it.  It is that simple.  So why don't more people lose that unsightly excess body fat?  I know why and I am going to tell you. It hurts.  It hurts to give up the foods we are addicted to (yes, you are a food addict if you have tired and failed to lose weight and are still eating the foods that made you fat in the first place!) and they are everywhere!!!!  I know, I am there with you. Hello, my name is Libby and I am a sugar addict!  Ok, so you say to me, but I am NOT a sugar addict, my demon is bread or rice or pasta......uhhhhh then YES, you are a sugar addict!  Those starchy carbs turn into sugar just like sugar turns into sugar.  Sugar is sugar is sugar.  That's a hard one for people to get used to. 

So, who am I to be saying all these things?  I already confessed.  I am a sugar addict.  I am also a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Counselor and I am working on becoming (very soon now) a Nationally Certified Weight Loss Trainer for a company called TLS. I have been in the natural wellness industry for over a decade and I love helping other people reach their goals while I continue to reach my own.  Over the last few years I have had a few accomplishments and set backs myself.  I have lost collectively over 118 pounds and I am working on losing that last 46.  Working with others is what keeps me focused and moving forward.  I have come off all diabetes and  high blood pressure and depression medication.  I feel better than I have in years and I look forward to just getting better.  And you can too!!!!  It just takes being so sick and tired of being overweight and feeling like a failure or having those aches and pains and even diseases that you don't have to have.  STOP IT NOW!!!!!! Make the decision to be a better you!  I will help if you are looking for a no frills, no nonsense and no excuses way to do it.  I have groups going on in the Tarrant county area of Texas, I consult one on one in person and over the phone.  I will give you all the knowledge, education, support and tools that you need to be as successful as you want to be, I just can't go home and feed you so I have depend on you to follow the food guidelines and love yourself enough to stick to it.  It works.  I am living proof of it and if this die hard sugar addict can do it.....YOU CAN DO IT TOO!

Private message me on Facebook (Libby Tilton) or  you can email me at and I will be glad to give you the addresses of classes, pricing, etc to get you started.  What are you waiting for?  I tell my clients all the time that if you want till your roof is on fire to call the insurance company for a policy you are out of luck.  The same is true about your health.  Don't wait till it is too late and you cry out "why me?".  You have the power, the control and I will give you all the rest!  Let's talk!

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